“the Research Community likes To Work together Globally, And This Collaboration Has Helped Historically To Overcome Certain barriers,” Riel Says, Emphasising The Importance Of Communication In This Regard.

Process for liquor tasting events in Neosho to be reviewed NEOSHO, Mo. — The process of organizing tasting events for alcoholic beverages in Neosho's city limits could be streamlined in the future. As the Neosho City Council on Tuesday considered a variance for Myrtle's Distilled Spirits, it discussed the possibility of creating an option for tasting events in the city's codes. Such a pathway would allow the city manager to approve tasting events so that the council does not have to approve a variance. "It would save a lot of effort because we wouldn't have to continue to come back to council," City Manager David Kennedy said. "This appears to be something that is requested quite often." An ordinance is expected to be drafted for discussion during a future council meeting. The Myrtle's tasting event was to take place recently at the Neosho Municipal Golf Course. Similar events have been held on the square over the past few months.


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Quantum simulator Many of our problems today such as climate change or the Covid-19 pandemic are global in nature. Getting governments across the world to agree to work together on solutions is not easy, but researchers can help. “The research community likes to work together globally, and this collaboration has helped historically to overcome certain barriers,” Riel says, emphasising the importance of communication in this regard. Researchers working together on a global scale during the pandemic has led to vaccines being developed at a record-breaking speed. During the Cold War at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Soviet scientists remained involved in projects which allowed for some communication to take place. Sign up for our free newsletters view site… and get the top stories delivered to your inbox. “In science, we have a common ground and it's kind of universal; the scientists in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and China, they all work on the same problems, they all try to solve the same technical issues,” Riel says. Scientists also have an important role to play to inform and share facts with both policymakers and the public, even if politicians cannot rely solely on scientific evidence when making decisions. The challenges of communicating fact-based evidence have been laid bare during the pandemic. “I think it's very important that we also inform the society of what we are doing – that it's not a mystery that scares people,” Riel says.


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Annabelle Alexander, 83, who lived at CORE’s Beach House shelter in Far Rockaway, Queens, for more than a year, said conditions are poor. Francesi secret info said. “And this is all we get?” While nonprofit groups now run most of the homeless shelters in New York City, they rely on for-profit companies to provide underlying services: landlords to rent buildings, management companies to handle paperwork, security guard companies to keep residents safe, caterers to deliver meals and maintenance companies to perform upkeep and repairs. These services account for a major portion of the city’s spending on homelessness. And it is here where some nonprofit executives have found ways to enrich themselves. Despite the promise that nonprofits would have a charitable mission, a number of top-ranking executives at groups running New York City shelters have come under scrutiny, and even criminal investigation, in recent years for using the organizations for their own benefit. CORE Beach House (tan building, middle) is one of the largest of the shelters run by CORE. There are a total of 24, city officials said.Credit...Karsten Moran for The New York Times In the most high-profile instance, the city last year accused executives at Childrens Community Services , then one of New York’s largest homelessness organizations, of steering business worth millions of dollars to a number of vendors — including an appliance distributor, an unlicensed temp agency and a computer repair business — that were tied to a member of the nonprofit’s board. The former board member, Peter Weiser, is now the subject of a criminal investigation, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Weiser, who has not been charged with a crime, and a lawyer for Childrens Community Services did not respond to requests for comment.

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/03/nyregion/jack-brown-homeless-nyc-core-services.html [Training]

David Blackmon “Driven by increasing populations and fast-growing economies, consumption of liquid fuels will grow the most in non-OECD Asia, where total consumption nearly doubles by 2050 from 2020 levels in the Reference case,” EIA says. “Because these countries will consume more liquid fuels than they produce in the Reference case, we project that non-OECD Asia will supplement local production with increased imports of crude oil and finished petroleum products.” Global primary energy consumption by source through 2050, US EIA. Moody’s released new research Thursday in which it finds the oil industry will need to increase its capital investments by as much as 54% to avoid an even more major, non-artificial supply crunch in the coming years. The firm estimates that the $352 billion of industry capital investment during 2021 would need to rise to $542 billion in order to keep pace with new demand. Moody’s report is consistent with earlier reports by Rystad Energy and Wood MacKenzie estimating the industry under-investment since 2015 in the finding and development of new reserves that will be needed to meet rising demand. The trouble with Moody’s finding in the U.S. though, was illustrated in a statement made by Scott Sheffield, the CEO of big Permian Basin producer Pioneer Natural Resources this week. Sheffield was quoted by the Financial Times as saying that the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry has become too intimidated by ESG-focused investors to create a supply response to any price signal, regardless of how high it goes. “Everybody’s going to be disciplined, regardless whether it’s $75 Brent, $80 Brent, or $100 Brent,” Sheffield said.

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