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Jason Kenney, the premier of Alberta, in his office in Calgary. “I know that we had all hoped this summer that we could put Covid behind us once and for all; that was certainly my hope,” Mr. Kenney said on Sept. 16. “It is now clear that we were wrong, and for that I apologize.” Many members of Alberta’s medical community bluntly dismissed Mr. Kenney’s comments for coming, in their view, weeks too late to stem the crisis, and said that his new public health measures were far short of what was needed. “We’re already at the point where our health care system has functionally collapsed,” Dr.

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Whatever it takes, the United States needs bold climate action now wildfire crisis is a storm of destruction and toxic smoke that no one can ignore. Heatwaves and wildfires will kill and destroy more and more unless climate change is halted fast. The western water crisis is already expanding out of the Southwest and will get much worse absent of bold climate action. Our emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere have warmed the planet just over 1 degree Celsius (almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit). If we fail to act boldly now, we risk crossing tipping points , or climate system thresholds, where much larger (3 degrees Celsius or more) warming and associated climate disasters become inevitable and largely irreversible. This is a principal reason climate scientists recommended that world leaders cap global warming at 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius — the goal of the Paris Agreement as agreed to by virtually every country of the world. Even 1 degree Celsius of warming is already turning the click this U.S. West into a disaster zone, and it is also starting to hit the rest of the country harder and harder. Hurricanes fueled by warmer oceans and atmosphere are becoming monster storms that often intensify at record speed.

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