And That’s About It,” Eriksson Says, Noting Anecdotes Of The Cats Sharing Prey Carcasses As Rare Counterexamples.  A Pair Of Jaguars Rest By The Water In Their Wetland Home.


Autrey accepted a plea of guilty from Shannon Nenninger on October 12, 2021 for the crimes of conspiracy involving health care fraud, making false statement to a government agency, theft of government funds, and social security fraud. In September 2020, a federal grand jury indicted Nenninger and others.  According to the plea agreement, Nenninger, who was a former Anheuser-Busch In-Bev employee learned that Dr. Thomas Hobbs could assist her in obtaining disability payments from the Social Security Administration, Prudential Insurance of America Companies, and MetLife by exaggerating her medical conditions and claiming that she was totally and permanently disabled.  As a result, between January 8, 2013 and November 28, 2017, Nenninger paid Dr. Hobbs $6,100 for his efforts in exaggerating Nenninger’s medical conditions to qualify her for the disability payments. These fees were in addition to those charged by Dr. Hobbs for any medical treatments. While Nenninger claimed to be so disabled that she could not work, she was travelling internationally and throughout the United States, attending concerts, working in her yard, washing her car, going to various social events, and going fishing.

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“Personally, I wish they would go into special (legislative) session for it, but they’re not going to,” Baker said of statewide redistricting, “just so we can get this done.” The lack of census information is holding up decisions for many people looking at running for office, Baker said. The race for Schatz’s District 26 seat, for which six people currently have active committees filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, is one where potential candidates would like to know exactly where they will be running, Baker said. “We don’t know if it’s going to stay the same or if it’s going to move or what the case may be,” he said. Candidates with committees are state Rep. Aaron Griesheimer, R-Washington, and fellow Republicans Ben Brown, of Washington; Shane Roden, of Labadie; and Don Gosen, of Wildwood, as well as Democrats Amy Ryan, of Wildwood; and John Kiehne, of Labadie. The good news for Franklin County’s two district commissioners is they are not up for reelection until 2024. Only Brinker’s presiding commissioner seat will be on the ballot next year. “Countywide, it’s not going to matter for this election because everything we have is full-county races,” Baker said. Potentially facing a more immediate impact would be city council and aldermen candidates, some of whom are up for election April 5, 2022.

Missing Janesville teen returns home safely JANESVILLE, Wis. (WREX) — A teenager in Wisconsin who had not been heard from in weeks has returned home safely. Police say 18-year-old Dashun Wheeler, of Janesville, made it home safely. Authorities asked for the public's help in finding Wheeler earlier this week after his family had said they hadn't heard from him in about a month.  Have a news tip or story idea? Email us at

a jaguar swimming in water In Brazil’s Taiamã Ecological Station, jaguars (Panthera onca) were filmed fishing together in flooded wetlands, carrying off freshly caught fish and playing with each other on land. Elsewhere, the big cats are thought to be hop over to here territorial loners that hunt mainly on land. Jaguars are well-documented in taking on challenging prey , including underwater fare (SN: 7/15/16). Eriksson and her team think that the Taiamã felines have not only the most fish-dependent diet among jaguars, but also among all big cats. There are tigers in Bangladesh that live in flooded mangrove forests and sometimes eat fish, but those cats still primarily eat land-based food, the researchers say.  The cameras and tracking collars also showed that the Taiamã jaguars were spending a lot of time near each other, sometimes traveling, fishing and playing together. This is all exceptionally odd behavior for jaguars, at least based on what scientists know about the cats elsewhere in the world. In terms of social behavior, “what we knew of jaguars from before this study is basically that they are solitary, and they meet up to mate. And that’s about it,” Eriksson says, noting anecdotes of the cats sharing prey carcasses as rare counterexamples.  A pair of jaguars rest by the water in their wetland home. Within Brazil’s Taiamã Ecological Station, there are more jaguars per square kilometer than ever recorded anywhere else.Charlotte Eriksson, Daniel Kantek The profusion of aquatic prey in the flooded preserve — protected from human encroachment — may be responsible for the jaguars’ superlative density and their rich social lives. It’s possible there’s so much food available, Eriksson says, that there is “no real need to fight over it.”  have a peek at this site Another idea is that aquatic prey concentrated along the river margins are accessible in only certain areas, Levi says. This may encourage jaguar territories to dissolve, since obtaining access to multiple fishing spots requires getting along with other jaguars.
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